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Wow, it's been a while. Need to dust off the cobwebs and such. And I can't rename myself. D: Gifted is a really old name from middle school. I like Phantomwise more.
Might or might not post in this journal. It depends.

I'm on tumblr all the time at my Alice blog here or my personal.
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A Quickie Because I'm Nervous

Guys, I'm up at 4:15 right now.  Why?

Because I can't read.

Apparently, I signed up for a math class that starts at 5 AM.  I thought it was PM.

I'm really nervous that when I get there, no one will be there.  What if it's a mistake or something?  Plus, what if it's just this one class on campus or something.  I can't remember if the sun's out by five.

This is one of the reasons why I hate being a girl.  If I was a guy, this would be no problem at all, but no, I have to deal with worrying mothers and the possibility of being raped.  As much as we like to think we've progressed, we haven't in gender equality.

So Long I Have Dreamed

I have a stupid little daydream of adopting a child.  Part of me thinks I'll never get married and while I wish that I would, I'd be perfectly happy just adopting a child.

So, that's actually KIND OF coming true.

Today, my mom suggested we take in some foster kids.

I was literally speechless for 10 minutes.  Every time I tried to talk, it'd be disconnected syllables.  I actually pinched myself.

I feel like something significant has happened to me today even though it's not enough official.'s still too early to talk about this.  I still have disbelief and a hard time talking/thinking about it.


FINALLY got a web-based interview for Disney.  I wanted to scream for joy.

Based on my results, I'm not eligible and/or they'll contact me for another position. 

Well...crappity crap crap.  I try to answer honestly and I get this.  What are they looking for? I am helpful and I do care for people.  I did imply that I'm a bit shy, but is that really such a bad trait?


Oh well.  Still have a chance in 6 months.

That's It

I'm sick of waiting for a reply from Disney for either job.  Goodness, I should have gotten news for the Disney Store one five days after I applied!  Can they not politely call to tell me that I wasn't accepted?

As for Disneyland, screw waiting.  I'm going to the Casting Center.  I'm sick of this limbo.

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I have an essay due today I haven't even started on (yay).  I just won't concentrate.  I keep thinking about my original story, ugh!

Anyway, I finished the War Games and so that means I've finished entirely with the 2nd Doctor.  I've already watched the first episode of Spearhead from Space and I'm liking it.  However, I'm worried that most of these UNIT episodes are going to be "aliens are invading Earth" and I was already sick of that since Season 5. Oh, well.

Color!  Beautiful color! No more missing episodes!  Though I will miss multitasking.

I want to join a tumblr rpg, but I only want Alice.  Except some stupid girl kind of has claim to her, but it's not official.  I have checked and she has been on her account today. I bet she's never going to come back.  She's some wanna be goth too by the looks of her page.  This is all Tim Burton's fault.  I sound whiny.  I'm sorry.  It's just someone's always Alice, but me.  Also, even more whiny, I deserve to be her.  The book's my favorite, I've memorized the poems, I'm trying to see all adaptions, and I've seen the Disney movie 15 million times.

Most people would say, "Just take another character," but I personally hate it when someone's role playing a character they clearly don't care about and I don't know the characters as well as I know Alice.

I also want a better Harry Potter uniform.

Earthquake Warning

Alright, still haven't restarted PA, but I will soon.

Right now I'm just getting annoyed, but don't want to talk behind people's backs IRL.  So I'll take out my frustrations here.

Whenever something seems to be going fine in my circle of friends, something starts up again.  Well, technically nothing has happened yet, but I can feel it approaching.  Friend A and B are both frustrated with each other right now.  I've decided that I'm not going to get involved which is difficult to do considering that I live with one and have been friends with the other for longer.

Here's hoping that it won't come to this.  Why can't they just accept each other?